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🎧 EP 155 – Simon O’Dell – InsurTech Gateway Australia – Let’s Hold Hands and Partner, Please

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Simon O’Dell, the managing director at InsurTech Gateway Australia, about the state of InsurTech in Australia and how the industry has accelerated over the past years. Here is the transcript of our conversation: Michael WaitzeHi, this is Michael Waitze. And welcome back to the Asia InsurTech Podcast. This is […]
πŸ“… Published Date 2022-02-14 (3 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Asia InsurTech Podcast
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🎧 S03E16: Cathay Innovation Investment Director Rajive Keshup on Southeast Asia’s Gold Rush from a global investment firm’s perspective

In this episode, we have Rajive Keshup, Investment Director at Cathay Innovation, a multi-stage venture capital platform affiliated to Cathay Capital, a US$4.5 billion global investment firm. He comes on our show to talk about the golden age of Southeast Asia startup and venture capital, Cathay Innovation’s approach to this gold rush as a global investment firm, and his own experience and learnings as a venture capitalist, board member on several insurtech and SaaS companies, and startup operator in Southeast Asia.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-07-20 (10 months ago)
🎧 Podcast On Call with Insignia Ventures
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-16 πŸ“… Active βœ… this week
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🎧 Episode #45 – InsurTech in APAC, Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA)

The Global Insurtech Alliance was formed to represent leading insurtech ecosystems across the globe. We all share a common purpose, to create a global ecosystem for insurtech to thrive within. In this first Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA) event, we focused the discussion around insurtech across the Asia Pacific region and includes representatives from: Β  George Kesselman, President and Founder Insurtech AsiaΒ  Jason Roberts, Founder Insurtech NZ Rita Yates, CEO and Co-Founder Insurtech AustraliaΒ  Kai Dwyer, CEO and Co-Founder Vallum.
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-06-19 (1 years ago)
🎧 Podcast eXponential Finance
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-12-08 πŸ“… Active β›” 5 months ago
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🎧 Fortune 500 C-Level Exec to Entrepreneur: What It Takes With John Brisco, Coherent

“My biggest fear? Not achieving the potential of what I think this business can do, and achieving this vision I see” This week, we dive deep with John Brisco, CEO and Co-Founder of Coherent,Β  Hong-Kong grown insurtech startup on a mission to to build next-in-class technology platforms and data intelligence engines to help insurers and their partners transform and grow.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-10-08 (7 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Billion Dollar Movesβ„’ with Sarah Chen Global
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-12-03 πŸ“… Active β›” 5 months ago
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🎧 EP#34 Rahul Mathur – The β€˜build in public’ approach for startups, challenges faced by a first time founder and the Insurtech landscape in India

In this episode, Rahul Mathur, Founder & CEO @BimapPe, joins our host Digjay, to talk about his background & path leading upto BimaPe, the current insurtech landscape in India, striking a balance between founder vision & customer feedback, challenges faced as a first time founder, key advantages of β€˜building in public’, fundraising at a pre-product stage and benefits of having multi-stage investors on your cap table.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-03-28 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast The VCpreneur: Startups | Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Fundraising
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-08 πŸ“… Active βœ… 2 weeks ago
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🎧 GCP Short: Increased utilisation of multinational programmes in Asia Pacific

In this GCP Short, produced in collaboration with AXA XL, Richard is joined by Shiwei Jin, Global Program & Captive Regional Director for APAC at AXA XL, and Diana Accordi, Global Advisory Practice Leader in Asia for Marsh, to discuss the growing utilisation of multinational insurance programmes in Asia Pacific.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-06-02 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Global Captive Podcast
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-01-16 πŸ“… Active β›” 4 months ago
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🎧 EP 20 : Insurtech Ecosystem with Rahul Mathur | Startup Lead @ Accenture

Rahul Mathur works as a Startup Lead at Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab. In this episode of The Startup Operator Podcast, we talk to Rahul about how the insurtech ecosystem is rapidly evolving. At 22, Rahul also hosts his own show called the Asia InsurTech Podcast. Prior to joining Accenture, he had worked with multiple consulting firms such as Willis Towers Watson, Insuranceblocks, and Laka. — Send in a voice message:
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-07-05 (1 years ago)
🎧 Podcast The Startup Operator
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-03-08 πŸ“… Active β›” 2 months ago
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🎧 OC35 Running the Trail

Today’s Our Community conversation is about a trail running group called Lewy’s Loop whose members meet once a week in the Rain Forest of Bukit Timah Singapore to run a tough cross country circuit.Β  Anna Tipping, Head of Insurance Asia at Norton Rose Fulbright, Vicky Windsor, Business Development Lead, SAP SuccessFactors APJ and myself discuss why we love being part of this community.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-05-14 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Our Community with Anne Morgan
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-06-10 πŸ“… Active β›” 11 months ago
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🎧 The A Perspective Podcast: Andrew Skipper talks to Geetha Tharmaratnam

In this episode, Andrew turns to Geetha Tharmaratnam, CEO of Aequalitas Capital Partners and leader of their Impact Investment practice. Geetha is an investment executive with more than 19 years of experience in Private Equity, venture capital, development finance, impact investing, and insurance in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-06-09 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Straight Talking from Hogan Lovells
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-12-20 πŸ“… Active β›” 5 months ago
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🎧 Taking Charge as Women in Technology

Starting from building industry relevant skills, tackling unconscious bias, to building confidence and executive presence, women in technology report multiple challenges that hold them back from enjoying a rewarding career with a healthy work-life balance. How can they take charge, and with organizational support, work toward leveling the playing field, allowing them to blossom as a professional and a leader.
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-11-26 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast CIO Talk Network Podcast
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-02-28 πŸ“… Active β›” 2 months ago
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