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🎧 A conversation with CEO Bernard Hor, The Hatio Group, South East Asia. How Marketplaces are Driving a Different Supply Chain Strategy!

On this show we discuss how supply chain in Asia is a little different than the U.S.. Β  We explore the impact of marketplaces, manufacturers impact on going direct to consumers,Β  Robotics, and the technology needed to digitize your supply chain.Β  There are no other options but to digitize your business if you want to succeed.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-12-11 (5 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Supply Chains…”The Secret Sauce”
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-09 πŸ“… Active βœ… 2 weeks ago
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🎧 Una Brands and the Ecommerce Aggregator Supply Chain in Asia Pacific with Kiren Tanna

“As well as in terms of profitability, we’ve been able to grow the brands as well as make them more profitable. So having a track record really matters because as part of our purchase consideration, we also share the upside with sellers. So with us, the investor, we are able to extract the maximum of sight from the brand and via the right stewards of the brand.
πŸ“… Published Date 2022-03-12 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-03-31 πŸ“… Active βœ… 2 months ago
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🎧 The Evolution Of The Supply Chain Industry | Joel Solomon, Head of Asia Pacific Supply Chain Management, Braun

Global organizations are dependent on an inevitable and highly reliable process- Supply Chains. The growth of Supply Chains has taken over businesses all over the world. A process that has evolved and changed consistently over the decades, every business is ultimately defined by the working of its supply chain.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-07-17 (10 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The Brand Called You
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-17 πŸ“… Active βœ… this week
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🎧 Mind Your Business: UPS opens innovation centre in Singapore to accelerate digitalisation

Just recently, UPS Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) opened its first innovation centre globally aiming to connect businesses in Asia with emerging technologies in logistics. Li Yu, Director, APAC Contract Logistics and Healthcare, UPSΒ shares more about the learning lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic to the supply chain sector and what the launch of its Supply Chain Solutions Asia Pacific Innovation Centre (APIC) in Singapore mean for UPS.Β  See for privacy information.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-12-20 (5 months ago)
🎧 Podcast MONEY FM 89.3 – The Breakfast Huddle with Elliott Danker, Manisha Tank and Finance Presenter Ryan Hu
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-02-18 πŸ“… Active β›” 3 months ago
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🎧 Rex Mong, Founder & CEO – iinventt, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Rex Mong and iinventt: From being one of two children of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants and born in the United States, he attended the University of California, Riverside to study Finance. After having worked in the industry, he felt that there was a different calling for him. The next job was at a factory located Southern California, manufacturing baby products and office equipment.
πŸ“… Published Date 2022-01-18 (4 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Series
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-04-15 πŸ“… Active βœ… 2 months ago
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🎧 I was taught how to think…

Join host Jonathan Kempe, and special guest Jay Fortenberry, a 40 year veteran of supply chains, on Let’s Talk Supply Chain Asia Pacific’s’ second episode! Jonathan and Jay discuss a number of highly relevant and applicable topics : Hear about Jay’s long and impressive history in multiple global companiesWe discuss JIT vs JIC vs a plethora of other acronyms that Jay has lived throughWhat we can learn from Peloton’s supply-chain disruptionsHow TPS and other systems like cash-to-cash cycle management improve outcomesHow supply-chain collaboration and β€˜walking the floor’ can save yo
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-09-23 (7 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Let’s Talk Supply Chain (Asia Pacific)
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-11-15 πŸ“… Active β›” 6 months ago
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🎧 Looking to the future of cross-border logistics in Southeast Asia: On Call with Janio COO Ali Madihid and Head of B2B George Oliver [Part 2]

“It’s very important that you shouldn’t be putting your eggs into one basket…It’s very important [to] diversify your source of manufacturing, but more importantly work with a strong, robust, flexible logistics provider, such as Janio…” – Ali Madihid, COO & co-founder of Janio Asia” About the episode In the second part of our series on cross-border logistics in Southeast Asia, supply chain experts Ali Madihid and George Oliver take a deeper look into the opportunities for medium-sized businesses and SMEs amidst supply chain diversification.
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-06-02 (1 years ago)
🎧 Podcast On Call with Insignia Ventures
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-16 πŸ“… Active βœ… this week
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🎧 Supply Chain sustainability in the Fashion Industry – Billy Naveed, Zilingo

The key to unlocking the fashion industry’s sustainability problem – the supply chain.Β  Southeast Asia is perhaps the perfect place to start when it comes to examining the fashion supply chain. Currently a producer of apparel for global markets, the region’s consumer class is young, interested in brand-name goods, and expected to double in size over the next decade.
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-11-16 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Impact SEA
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-08-24 πŸ“… Active β›” 8 months ago
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🎧 #70 – Supply Chain with a Purpose with Donzel Leggett

Diversity and inclusion are not new topics. In this podcast, we hear from Donzel Leggett from General Mills about the correlation between diversity and corporate performance/bottom line. How well are you performing in this area? Β  About the speaker Originally from Key West, Florida, Donzel holds both Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Industrial Technology from Purdue University, where he was an Academic All-America and three-time Academic All-Big Ten football player.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-09-20 (8 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Transform Talks with Maria Villablanca
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-11-04 πŸ“… Active β›” 6 months ago
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🎧 14. GREEN PRODUCT & SUPPLY CHAIN: How to sell an eco-innovative product to Adidas, with Ryan Hunt (Algix)

Welcome to Mission First, the masterclass to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better! ⚑️⚑️⚑️DONT MISS the best of season 1 ⚑️⚑️⚑️ = 10 episodes of less than 10 minutes to download and listen to here: TODAY’S EPISODE Today, my guest is Ryan Hunt, co-founder of Algix and its brand Bloom.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-03-31 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Mission First – Entrepreneurs for future
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-12-01 πŸ“… Active β›” 5 months ago
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🎧 113. Disconnected ICT Supply chains

Guest Name: Colley Hwang, Β Founder and President at DIGITIMES; Β Language: English, Publication date: Β Dec, 06. 2020 Colley Hwang is an ICT industry analyst with 35 years of experience under his belt. As founder and president of DIGITIMES, Hwang has witnessed over the years changes of the ICT world – from the PC era to the age of mobile communication and IoT.
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-12-07 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Bicara Supply Chain
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-01-18 πŸ“… Active β›” 4 months ago
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🎧 Supply chain in Asia

Join Control Risks’ Partner Dane Chamorro, as he discusses geopolitics and geoeconomic in Asia supply chain with Andrew Gilholm, Principal and Director of the analysis practice for Greater China and North Asia and Reema Bhattacharya, Senior Analyst based in Control Risks’ Singapore office. Stay updated with new episodes by subscribing wherever you listen to your podcasts.Β 
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-01-29 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Asia In Focus
πŸ“… Most Recent 2021-12-29 πŸ“… Active β›” 4 months ago
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🎧 October 12: Green Bonds Shine

Our Top Stories Include: Green Bonds Shine In Europe, A Coal Shortage Hits Asia And Supply Chain Disruptions May Hollow Out Halloween Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-10-12 (7 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Wall Street Breakfast
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-01-27 πŸ“… Active β›” 3 months ago
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🎧 Elkay Manufacturing Improves their Supply Chain with Lean

One of the key elements on my American Lean Weekday podcast is the weekly interviews that I conduct with companies on their Lean Journey. These companies are from various industries and are all different sizes. I have interviewed leaders from family-owned businesses to multi-national organizations. This podcast can be found
πŸ“… Published Date 2020-06-05 (1 years ago)
🎧 Podcast American Lean Weekday: Leadership | Lean Culture & Intrapreneurship | Lean Methods | Industry 4.0 |
πŸ“… Most Recent 2020-12-31 πŸ“… Active β›” > a year ago
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🎧 Intel Wants to Build More Computer Chips in the U.S.

Pat Gelsinger has been CEO of Intel for about four months now. But he’s not new to the company – he spent the first 30 years of his career at Intel. The story of how a young man from a Pennsylvania farming community landed at Intel is a good one – and it’s something Pat shares with Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt in this episode of Leadership Next.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-06-08 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Leadership Next
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-03-15 πŸ“… Active β›” 2 months ago
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