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🎧 Dr. Julia Glidden: Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Joining Jeff for the latest episode of the Better Innovation podcast is Dr. Julia Glidden, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, for Microsoft. Julia is a renowned expert on public sector digital transformations and recognized as the pioneer of Cognitive Government.  Naturally, technology and digitalization within the public sector is at the heart of today’s discussion.
📅 Published Date 2022-05-31 (this month)
🎧 Podcast Better Innovation
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🎧 How GovTech balances best of big tech and digital government in Singapore: BT Podcasts

BT Podcasts: How GovTech balances best of big tech and digital government in Singapore 22:46 mins Synopsis: The Business Times Podcast channel showcases niche series Money Hacks, Mark To Market and WealthWise, and sponsored series. This episode focuses on Singapore’s approach to digital government, how it makes sense of modern tech practices to help governments and citizens.
📅 Published Date 2021-07-16 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The Business Times Podcasts
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🎧 Non-Monetary Benefits of AI, The Great Resignation, AI’s Role in Change Management, Project Leadership in Digital Transformation

The Transformation Ground Control podcast covers a number of topics important to digital and business transformation. This episode covers the following topics and interviews: Hot Topics: Non-Monetary Benefits of AI, Great Resignation Misunderstanding, African Digital Transformations, Flexible Supply Chain Management Platforms, AI in Entertainment, Growth of GovTech (Eric and Kyler) The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Change Management (Theresa Richardson, Third Stage Consulting) Project Leadership in Digital Transformation (Adam and Kyler Cheatham, Third Stage Consulting) We also cover a n
📅 Published Date 2022-04-20 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Transformation Ground Control: All Things Business and Digital Transformation, hosted by Eric Kimber
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🎧 Are Big Sanctions Coming for a Chinese Tech Company?

In May, news came out that the U.S. government was thinking of putting the Chinese video surveillance company Hikvision on the Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals list, otherwise known as the SDN list. The move would have huge impacts on Hikvision’s business prospects in the U.S.
📅 Published Date 2022-06-03 (this month)
🎧 Podcast The Lawfare Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-24 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 Startup Insider Daily • Celonis • N26 • Gorillas • About You • Fortnite • Instagram • Regenwald-NFTs • Axie Infinity

Heute u.a. mit folgenden Nachrichten: – GovTech Campus Deutschland eröffnet – Celonis übernimmt Konkurrenten PAF – Jumbo-Fonds investiert in Gorillas – Neukundenstopp bei N26 in Italien – About You mit Verlusten – E-Autos an Berliner Straßenlaternen laden – Fortnite-Spielern sammeln Millionen für Ukraine – Instagram testet Abos für exklusive Inhalte – Regenwald retten mit NFTs – Hacker entwenden 600 Millionen Dollar aus dem Ronin-Netzwerk von Axie Infinity Heute begrüßen wir im Rahmen der Reihe “Investments & Exits” Barbod Namini, Partner bei HV Capital.
📅 Published Date 2022-03-30 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Startup Insider
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🎧 131 Technology beyond Government with Dimitri Kusnezov

131 Technology beyond Government with Dimitri Kusnezov . Dr. Dmitri Kusnezov received A.B. degrees in Physics and in Pure Mathematics with highest honors from UC Berkeley. Following a year of research at the Institut fur Kernphysik, KFA-Julich, in Germany, he attended Princeton University earning his MS in Physics and Ph.
📅 Published Date 2022-04-20 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The Silicon Valley Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-22 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 411: Civic Innovation with Jay Nath

Jay Nath is the Co-CEO of City Innovate, a govtech company streamlining procurement through enterprise software and innovative frameworks. He talks with Chad about how he focuses on helping governments be more effective, responsive, and zeroed in on helping their constituents whether on a small city or a big state scale.
📅 Published Date 2022-02-17 (4 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-23 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 Tech to Transform: #4 GovTech trends in 2021

In episode 4 of our podcast series, Mantis PR’s Rebecca Paddick sat down with Government ICT analyst Rob Anderson, to discuss the green shoots of recovery for the UK’s GovTech community of suppliers in the wake of COVID, the role of the new Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) for Government and how it will work alongside GDS, and the further changes we are likely to see to GovTech in 2021.
📅 Published Date 2021-03-08 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast TechToTransform
📅 Most Recent 2022-05-13 📅 Active ✅ 2 months ago
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🎧 TMS Ep168: Axis Mutual Fund, exports growth, Power stocks, e-passport

Several fund managers have been under the Sebi radar for quite some time now over their alleged role in markets norms violations– including the dubious practice of front-running. And the markets regulator is said to have expedited its probe after revelations at Axis Mutual Fund last week, where two fund managers were stripped of all the responsibilities over suspicion that they too were involved in front-running.
📅 Published Date 2022-05-10 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Business Standard Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2022-05-17 📅 Active ✅ 2 months ago
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🎧 Improving Sales Through Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills with Phillip K. Naithram of DC Local Leaders

Phillip K. Naithram, Founder, DC Local Leaders shares his views on the power of connection and networking. He differentiates his podcast by connecting people in technology, government and military. This corridor is an extremely important one. It has always been a consistent contributor to growth and economic activity.
📅 Published Date 2022-06-01 (this month)
🎧 Podcast Leaders of B2B – Interviews on B2B Leadership, Tech, SaaS, Revenue, Sales, Marketing and Growth
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-21 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 Pertama Digital Pivoting To Fintech & Govtech

Formerly known as Sinotop Holdings, Pertama Digital is setting its sights to expand its govtech business through its unit, Dapat Vista, a pioneer in government SMS communication. Sabri Abdul Rahman, CEO of Pertama Digital discusses the gaps in gov tech, and what the company brings to the table for the B40 community if it gets a digital banking license. Image credit: & Pertama Digital
📅 Published Date 2021-08-02 (10 months ago)
🎧 Podcast BFM :: The Breakfast Grille
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🎧 #450: Optimizing Vaccine Distribution with AWS

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, the US state and local technology infrastructure has never been more critical. These systems – most notably call centers, electronic lab reporting (ELR) systems and disease surveillance systems – are under extreme pressure as public health organizations work to track, report, and share information on COVID-19 cases.
📅 Published Date 2021-05-30 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast AWS Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-16 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 #16 – Responsible AI and Building Trust in AI – Liu Feng-Yuan

“Having the conversation within the business, the data science teams, and the technology teams about what problems are you trying to solve? What can AI do with the data that you have? Sometimes business comes with a lot of problems that are like science-fiction.” Feng-Yuan is the co-founder and CEO of BasisAI, a Singapore-headquartered augmented intelligence software company that helps data-driven enterprises deploy AI responsibly.
📅 Published Date 2020-11-23 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Tech Lead Journal
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-20 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 96 – How to Lead Mission-Focused, Outcome-Oriented Solutions Delivered by Partners

For the 96th episode of Ultimate Guide to Partnering, I welcomed Dr. Julia Glidden, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, for Microsoft Corporation, where she is helping to deliver on Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. In this episode, Julia shares how to lead mission-focused, outcome-oriented solutions, delivered by partners.
📅 Published Date 2021-04-07 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Ultimate Guide to Partnering®
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ℹ️ Categories Cloud Computing | Digital Transformation and Leadership | Female Leadership | Govtech | Growth and Scale | Partnership | Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles | SAAS
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🎧 The Techno-Powered City with Daniel Korski

What if we invested in technology for our cities as much as we invest in our search engines? In this episode of The Future City Podast, we speak with investor, political advisor and govtech industry builder Daniel Korski CBE. Daniel was an adviser to UK Prime Minister David Cameron and is the co-founder and CEO of PUBLIC, a venture capital firm focused on technology companies which are transforming public services. He also Chairs and co-founded the GovTech Summit.
📅 Published Date 2021-02-13 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast The Future City
📅 Most Recent 2022-02-20 📅 Active ⛔ 4 months ago
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🎧 Episode 57 – Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, and Govtech with Raft

In this episode we speak to 3 of the principles of Raft (Bhaarat Sharma, Barak Stout, and Paul Otto) talk about their approach to Govtech! They discuss how they work with government agencies (Such as Platform One and many others) to adopt open source projects like Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Flux, and others. They also provide some additional detail around Raft’s Diversity and Engineering Principles.
📅 Published Date 2021-03-17 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast The POPCAST with Dan POP
📅 Most Recent 2021-12-15 📅 Active ⛔ 6 months ago
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🎧 A Look At Cybersecurity, Taxes, And The Markets

Matt Hayden, VP of GovTech Solutions for Exiger, discusses cybersecurity. Avery Sheffield, Senior PM of Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund Strategy at Rockefeller Asset Management, discusses e-commerce and consumer outlook for brick-and-mortar retail. Bill Smith, National Director of Tax Technical Services for CBIZ MHM’s National Tax Office, talks tax legislation. Tom Stringfellow, Chief Investment Strategist at Argent Trust Company, discusses markets. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller. Learn more about your ad-choices at
📅 Published Date 2021-11-02 (7 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The Tape
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-28 📅 Active ⛔ 4 months ago
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🎧 Phaedra Chrousos & Daniel Korski CBE: Taking The Gov Out Of GovTech

Phaedra Chrousos & Daniel Korski CBE: Taking The Gov Out Of GovTech
📅 Published Date 2021-02-07 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast The Vaizey View
📅 Most Recent 2021-11-21 📅 Active ⛔ 7 months ago
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🎧 Marco Zanatta: Founder e CEO da Aprova Digital fala sobre a evolução e as perspectivas para Govtech no Brasil.

Marco Zanatta vem comandando uma revolução na maneira como centenas de prefeituras se relacionam com os cidadãos através da Aprova Digital, trazendo mais agilidade, economia e qualidade para os serviços públicos. Conheça a trajetória do Marco, em uma conversa sobre a enorme oportunidade para Govtech no Brasil. Apresentação: Marcelo Sato e Daniel Chalfon.
📅 Published Date 2021-02-23 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Astella Playbook
📅 Most Recent 2021-07-27 📅 Active ⛔ 11 months ago
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🎧 The Art of Digitalisation: S1 E7 -Siim Sikkut, Government CIO: “Estonia is open for all govtech innovators!”

In the seventh episode of our podcast series, “The Art of Digitalisation” our host Florian Marcus gets the Estonian CIO, Siim Sikkut, before his mic. You will hear why the governmental CIO/CTO meetings resemble AA meetings, the situation with innovation in Estonia when the country will have governmental virtual assistants at work, and the new initiative called Digital Testbed Framework. 
📅 Published Date 2021-09-06 (9 months ago)
🎧 Podcast e-Estonia podcast: The Art of Digitalisation
📅 Most Recent 2021-12-14 📅 Active ⛔ 6 months ago
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🎧 What’s it like reporting to a board with Marc Andreessen and John Chambers in a board room.

In this conversation with Matt Singer, CFO at OpenGov Inc, Matt delves into how he got into GovTech, the challenges and advantages involved in marketing to the government, and what he sees for the future of his company and himself. Before OpenGov Inc., Matt spent most of his career in HR and recruiting and was part of the leadership team that helped SuccessFactors achieve 500 million in revenue.
📅 Published Date 2020-10-28 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Best in SaaS
📅 Most Recent 2021-10-19 📅 Active ⛔ 8 months ago
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🎧 #237 Innovate and discover your potential | Lt. Col. JJ Snow

Shownotes  (0:55) Introduction – Colonel Jennifer JJ snow is the Chief Technology Officer at the United States Air Force. AFWERX is a United States Air Force program with the goal of fostering a culture of innovation within the service. It is intended to engage inter and extra service innovators and entrepreneurs in the operations of the United States Air Force.
📅 Published Date 2021-09-22 (9 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show
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🎧 Public-Mitgründer Zimmermann: „Dem Staat droht eine Glaubwürdigkeitskrise“

Die Zahlen sprechen eine deutliche Sprache. Nach einer repräsentativen Umfrage der Meinungsforscher von Civey für das Handelsblatt sind nur 20 Prozent der Deutschen zufrieden mit dem digitalen Angebot der Verwaltung. Das wollen Spitzenpolitiker fast aller großen Parteien ändern. Vor wenigen Wochen haben Laschet, Habeck und Scholz ihre Ideen dazu auf dem dem ersten GovTech-Gipfel des Handelsblatts präsentiert.
📅 Published Date 2021-07-09 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-21 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 S2E8 – Blockchain in Singapore: The Most Advanced Blockchain Nation in the World?

With a supportive Government, some of the world’s largest trade networks, and a relentless drive for technology innovation, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s notable Blockchain projects are based in Singapore. We take a fascinating look at how Singapore became a global hub for Blockchain, the role of Government, Cryptocurrencies, and some of the amazing individuals leading the Blockchain community.
📅 Published Date 2021-07-10 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Blockchain Won’t Save the World
📅 Most Recent 2021-12-25 📅 Active ⛔ 6 months ago
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🎧 S2E31 : The Tech-Focused Innovator : Richard Culatta, CEO, International Society for Technology in Education

Jayzen is thrilled to welcome Richard Culatta to the show. Richard has spent his career helping people, organizations and government use technology and innovation to be more successful. Always looking for breakthrough solutions, Richard’s new book Digital for Good: Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World (HBR Press) uncovers the challenges with our current approaches to preparing young people to be effective humans in virtual spaces and presents a path to a healthier and more civil future digital world.
📅 Published Date 2021-08-10 (10 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Lead With Your Brand!™
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-21 📅 Active ✅ this week
ℹ️ Categories Accounting | Asia Tech Strategy | Customer Experience | Diversity and Inclusion | Fashion | Female Leadership | Govtech | Leadership and Leaders

🎧 Sarah Dunn- Employee Benefits & Insurance Specialist with The Capital Group/GovTech Insurance, Founder of Women in GovCon

Sarah Dunn has founded and personally runs a unique and very needed organization in the GovCon industry. It is a group for GovCon Women C-Suite executives simply called Women in GovCon. Women in GovCon is a group of GovCon owners and C-level executives getting together at exclusive events for the purpose of winning more contracts, providing mentorship opportunities and growth strategies. For full episode show notes and links, go to:
📅 Published Date 2021-06-01 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Govcon Giants Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-21 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 In this epiode , Baroness Berridge tells Richard how the UK govt is making STEM more accessible for girls, and how we can encourage women into tech

In this interview, Richard speaks to Baroness Elizabeth Berridge, Minister for Women and Equalities for the UK within the department of International Trade in February 2020. She’s also a Minister in the Department for Education. Her role is varied, with no two days the same. She attends Parliament for questions and works across government.
📅 Published Date 2021-10-31 (7 months ago)
🎧 Podcast TubbTalk – The Podcast for IT Consultants
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-09 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 David L. Kasten, CEO Poolbeg Group, US Army, Former CIA, Smart Cities, Security GovTech Intelligence

David L. Kasten is an accomplished strategist and intelligence expert on Smart Cities and Government Tech Intelligence and the new guest of this Dinis Guarda citiesabc openbusinesscouncil YouTube Podcast Series. A former CIA member, David L. Kasten is an executive leader and manager with a comprehensive background leading strategic planning, operations, analysis, risk management and program implementation.
📅 Published Date 2021-07-01 (12 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Dinis Guarda citiesabc openbusinesscouncil Series
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-14 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 Crypto for Newborns – Episode 29: Crypto Combats COVID-19

The world is at war with Covid-19 and the challenges in combatting it are equally virulent—sensitive vaccines, distribution, efficacy, side effects, proof of inoculation … Crypto and blockchain technologies could be just what the doctor ordered! In episode 29 of the Crypto for Newborns podcast, we’ll discuss how these technologies could remedy the ongoing issues, from pharmaceutical supply chain to vaccination certification on a global scale.
📅 Published Date 2021-07-11 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Crypto for Newborns
📅 Most Recent 2021-10-31 📅 Active ⛔ 7 months ago
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🎧 Creating World-Changing Brands with Radhika Dutt

A startup marketing veteran, Radhika Dutt is the author of the new book Radical Product Thinking. Her experience has taught her that we don’t need more products—we need radical products that create change. Our conversation this week covered everything from the overuse of pivots to avoiding digital pollution.
📅 Published Date 2022-02-07 (4 months ago)
🎧 Podcast On Brand with Nick Westergaard
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-20 📅 Active ✅ this week
ℹ️ Categories Advertising and Marketing | B2B Strategy | Branding | Business Storytelling | Corporate Communication | Corporate Innovation | Design | Diversity and Inclusion | Govtech | HR and Talent

🎧 Jane Wiseman & Pete Peterson in Conversation with Ian Khan

In this episode of the GX Podcast, host Ian Khan speaks to two incredible individuals, both of whom have spent years in public policy and are leaders in their domains. Listen to Jane and Pete talk about how a crisis shapes government experience and what actions governments should take now to meet and exceed digital service expectations in the decade ahead.
📅 Published Date 2021-02-17 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast GX Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2021-08-09 📅 Active ⛔ 10 months ago
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🎧 How Robotics Empowers Individuals and Enhances National Security with Jay Douglass, COO of the Arm Institute

Jay Douglass has been around robotics and technology for a long time. After a long history with Carnegie Mellon, he’s now the COO of the ARM Institute. This organization is creating a nationwide group of elite manufacturing, academic, technology, and government organizations that share the common mission of a robust U.
📅 Published Date 2022-03-15 (3 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Manufacturing Happy Hour
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-24 📅 Active ✅ this week
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🎧 Government Tech Trends In 2021 — RJ Krawiec // Deloitte

RJ Krawiec, Principal and Chief Marketing Officer for Government & Public Services at Deloitte, looks at government technology trends for 2021.
📅 Published Date 2021-12-23 (6 months ago)
🎧 Podcast MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-25 📅 Active ✅ yesterday
ℹ️ Categories Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | B2B Sales and Marketing | Corporate Communication | Deeptech | Govtech | Growth and Scale | SEO and Content Marketing

🎧 Comunidades y ecosistema de la Innovación con Maysoun Douas Maadi

En la edición de hoy de Más Allá de la Innovación y en nuestro apartado de entrevistas tenemos el placer y el honor de contar con Maysoun Douas. Maysoun es Cofundadora de Excellenting, algoritmo para el emparejamiento de oferta y demanda tecnológica mediante el mapeo de innovaciones, y experta en innovación.
📅 Published Date 2020-12-22 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Más Allá de la Innovación
📅 Most Recent 2021-07-02 📅 Active ⛔ 11 months ago
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🎧 30: AI-Powered & Sustainable Cities | Apu Kumar, CITYDATA

Have you ever wondered how a smart city actually looks like? Most of us probably imagine a vast metropolitan area covered with futuristic IoT devices, drones delivering commercial products to customers by air, and skyscrapers bedecked with vertical gardens. Meanwhile, what about small cities and towns that hardly can afford a data scientist to get even the simplest insights into the city’s life.
📅 Published Date 2020-12-16 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Data For Future
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-19 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 Startup Story Ep124 : Ce qui nous attend en 2021 selon Deloitte + Tamweeli

Dans cet épisode de Startup Story powered by ooredoo, nous avons interviewé Karim Koundi, Associé Deloitte Afrique, qui est venu nous présenter les tendances 2021 dans les TIC selon les prévisions de Deloitte, ainsi que la nouvelle tendance GovTech, où le citoyen est au centre des services du gouvernement à l’instar du rapport qu’a une marque avec ses clients.
📅 Published Date 2020-10-30 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast
📅 Most Recent 2021-11-02 📅 Active ⛔ 7 months ago
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🎧 QMSR: The Future of FDA’s Quality Management System Regulation for Medical Devices

FDA has proposed a new rule to align its Quality System Regulation (QSR) with ISO 13485:2016, the international standard for medical device quality management systems. How will, what’s being referred to as Quality Management System Regulation (QMSR), affect the medical device industry and regulatory bodies.
📅 Published Date 2022-03-16 (3 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Global Medical Device Podcast powered by Greenlight Guru
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-22 📅 Active ✅ this week
ℹ️ Categories Covid 19 | Design | Govtech | Healthcare | Privacy | Product Design | UX
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🎧 Bjørn Haugland – Co-Founder and CEO – SKIFT Business Climate Leaders

Bjørn Haugland is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SKIFT Business Climate Leaders ( a Norwegian business-led climate initiative with a mission to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and support the government in delivering on its national climate commitments by 2030.
📅 Published Date 2021-08-13 (10 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Progress, Potential, and Possibilities
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-23 📅 Active ✅ this week
ℹ️ Categories Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Corporate Communication | Corporate Innovation | Covid 19 | Govtech | Healthcare | Healthtech and Medical Devices | Insurtech and Insurance | IoT and Smart Cities | Telecoms and Communications
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🎧 Coding Your Child for Their Good

The lack of a moral compass in our fast-evolving tech industry has become a hotbed for debate recently. When technology uses human psychology insights to create interfaces and features to keep you perpetually online, how do we teach our kids to switch off or navigate the content responsibly? In this episode,
📅 Published Date 2020-11-18 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast ParentEd
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-18 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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🎧 165. Nashville Technology Council: Brian Moyer on Growing Nashville’s Tech Ecosystem

Brian Moyer is the CEO of the Nashville Technology Council, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the Nashville technology ecosystem through connecting key players, uniting the state government and technology community, developing tech talent, and promoting the ecosystem as a whole. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Brian laid out what it took to get Nashville to where it is today, and the work they’re doing to ensure the ecosystem continues to grow.
📅 Published Date 2021-10-04 (8 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Middle Tech
📅 Most Recent 2022-01-24 📅 Active ⛔ 5 months ago
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#iitm #iit #eplane #avishkarhyperloop #aerostrovilos #agnikul #agnikulcosmos #nccrd #disruptive #innovation #iitmadras Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. He is the co-founder of ePlane, Aerostrovilos, Agnikul Cosmos, Mentor for Avishkar Hyperloop, and also the founder and head of NCCRD at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
📅 Published Date 2021-11-01 (7 months ago)
📅 Most Recent 2022-06-13 📅 Active ✅ 2 weeks ago
ℹ️ Categories Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Deeptech | Govtech | India Startups | Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles | UX
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🎧 Episode 67: Breaking Impact: Senior Consumers & e-inclusion

The focus of Episode 67 is on Senior Citizens and eInclusion – a topic that is not only essential for every auditor as an aging individual but a super relevant conversation to caregivers and family members that want to support their senior network (such as family, friends and colleagues) to exponentially harnessing digital tools and capabilities for the current and future times.
📅 Published Date 2021-03-01 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Breaking Banks Europe
📅 Most Recent 2021-11-04 📅 Active ⛔ 7 months ago
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🎧 #090 – Teil 1: Über die Digitalisierung des öffentlichen Sektors und den Wandel bei IBM– mit Florian und Patrick Scheil von IBM

Im heutigen Podcast spreche ich mit Florian und Patrick Scheil von IBM unter anderem zu folgenden Themen: -Der Status Quo bei der Digitalisierung des öffentlichen deutschen Sektors. -Was der Staat bzw Behörden tun müssen, um sich als attraktiven Arbeitgeber zu positionieren. -Welche Bereiche des öffentlichen Sektors wegen Corona unter Digitalisierungszwang sind. -Wie sinnvoll Investitionen in GovTech sind. -Über den Wandel bei IBM.
📅 Published Date 2021-01-24 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Digital-Innovation-Podcast
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🎧 EP15 | Exploring the R&D roadmap of EVs in India | Sajid Mubasir | Ministry of Science & Technology

Today we attack the subject of conversion towards electric mobility in India from a different perspective. We have so far talked to original equipment manufacturers both Cars and 2-wheelers, ChargePoint operators, Electricity distribution companies. But today we focus on Research & Development and Government Policies.
📅 Published Date 2021-10-19 (8 months ago)
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🎧 Microsoft’s larger lesson from TikTok: Brad Smith on the future of U.S.-China tech relations

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella this week called the company’s unsuccessful efforts to acquire TikTok’s U.S. operations last year “the strangest thing” he’s ever worked on. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and newly named vice chair, laughed when he read that — agreeing with the sentiment, even if he has seen stranger things in his two decades representing the tech giant in its dealings with companies and governments around the world.
📅 Published Date 2021-10-01 (8 months ago)
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🎧 Women Project Leaders on Challenges & Change

Women have faced an uphill battle in the workplace, especially during the pandemic. But they continue to make strides with game-changing projects across sectors and around the globe. We discuss the state of the state for women project leaders with: Nontobeko Mathenjwa, project manager at South African National Roads Agency, Johannesburg: Mathenjwa discusses the challenges she faced early in her career as a project leader in construction, what changes she’d like to see and her advice to women in the early stages of their project careers.
📅 Published Date 2022-03-09 (3 months ago)
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🎧 Episode #78 – Technology Sustainability in Government

This week on IDC TechTalk, IDC’s Marta Muñoz once again takes over hosting duties, and is joined by special guest, Adam Turner, Sustainable Technology Lead for HM Government and DEFRA, to discuss how UK Government departments are approaching technology sustainability. Watch our latest videos! Follow us on Twitter! –,
📅 Published Date 2021-08-05 (10 months ago)
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🎧 Parliamentary Tech and Hypertransparency

Fotis Fitsilis, Head of the Scientific Service, Hellenic Parliament, interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim.  In this conversation, we talked about how parliamentary transparency, steeped in legal informatics, innovation in govtech, open data and ongoing digitization, is slowly inching forward because of innovative initiatives such as the Hellenic OCR Team.
📅 Published Date 2020-11-03 (> a year ago)
🎧 Podcast Futurized – thought leadership on the future
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🎧 National Instruments with Luke Schreier

National Instruments develops software and hardware for engineering in a wide variety of domains, from aerospace to government technology to application testing. The interface between hardware and software presents a variety of difficult engineering challenges. Luke Schreier is a Senior Vice President at National Instruments and joins the show to discuss the engineering and management
📅 Published Date 2022-03-08 (3 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Software Engineering Daily
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