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🎧 EP 159 An Insider’s View into the Thriving Singapore Startup Ecosystem

Singapore is home to fewer than six million people, yet it leads the ASEAN region in venture capital investment and has been home to 10 unicorns. Our guest, Prantik Mazumdar, is a Singapore-based entrepreneur, investor and mentor, and he’s sharing his startup stories along with an insider’s view of the Singapore startup ecosystem.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-11-23 (5 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Startup Life Show with Ande Lyons
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-17 πŸ“… Active βœ… this week
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🎧 Rising Giants N.38 – Melanie Mossard, Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Impact Hub Phnom Penh

We are welcoming Melanie from Impact Hub on the show this week. Melanie arrived in Cambodia in 2015 when the incubation and startup ecosystem was very nascent in Cambodia. Since then she has risen to lead Impact Hub in Cambodia, the oldest and most prolific startup incubator in the country, where she is currently the director of entrepreneuriship and innovation.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-12-03 (5 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Rising Giants
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-03-18 πŸ“… Active β›” 2 months ago
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🎧 E36: Korapat Arunanondchai, – Thai Startup/VC Ecosystem, Venture Building, CVC, DeFi & Crypto in Thailand

The Thai startup and venture capital ecosystem. Why is Thailand so corporate venture driven? In this episode we discuss the big trend changes in banking and the various challenges fintech players face from regulation, licenses, culture, and unique customer profiles. We also cover what it’s like to be a VC in Thailand and what it takes to be a successful founder there. Lastly we discuss Pat’s Latest Project along with the latest trends in crypto and DeFi.
πŸ“… Published Date 2022-03-09 (2 months ago)
🎧 Podcast Entrepreneurs of Asia
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-03-16 πŸ“… Active β›” 2 months ago
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🎧 Michael Lints: Founders Journey, VCs Position of Trust & Sharing Your Writing

Michael Lints has over 20 years of experience helping innovative businesses obtain the resources, insights, and expertise they need in order to be successful. Michael has been a startup operator, investor, and mentor, and is currently a Partner at the Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures.

🎧 #10: Shinta Danuwhardoyo, CEO & Founder & Angel Investor – Funding Startups In Tier 2-3 Cities and the Role of Chemistry Between Angels and F

Shinta is a tech industry veteran and trailblazer. Since the inception of her first company in 1996, the award-winning entrepreneur has impacted Indonesia’s digital landscape in countless ways. She has been recognized by Globe Asia as one of the β€œ99 Most Powerful Women,” and also named as the β€œInspiring Women Honor Roll” by Forbes Indonesia Magazine.
πŸ“… Published Date 2021-06-16 (11 months ago)
🎧 Podcast The Masters Of Cashflow
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-04-15 πŸ“… Active βœ… 2 months ago
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🎧 Empowering Educators Everywhere

Neelesh Bhatia, CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based edtech startup, Akadasia talks to us about their newly launched digital ecosystem to empower educators. Freejoo allows educators to access pedagogy-based professional development courses to upskill their teaching, use digital tools to design engaging lessons, and collaborate and network with one another respectively. How is this a game-changer? And how can a “one-size fits all” approach work when it comes to teacher training? Image Credit: Shuttertock | Rido
πŸ“… Published Date 2022-01-24 (3 months ago)
🎧 Podcast BFM :: Open For Business
πŸ“… Most Recent 2022-05-17 πŸ“… Active βœ… this week
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