🎧 Podcast Profile: Bernard Hor

CEO Hatio – Logistics Entrepreneur Helping Southeast Asian SMEs go Digital

Entrepreneur, Storyteller and Triathlete. Co-founder of Hatio Group, a digital supply chain platform servicing Asian SMEs. Hatio helps SMEs serve the world’s fastest growing consumer market – Asia – predicted to reach $30 trillion in value by 2030, with better supply chain and logistics solutions. Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Keywords: Logistics, Digital Supply Chain, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Startups, Startup Investing

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Key Talking Points

  • The logistics market opportunity in Southeast Asia and beyond. With 650 million people across over 20,000 islands and the proximity of China, India and Japan, ASEAN is one of the most exciting markets for supply chain and procurement today.
  • The Asian Middle Class and The $30 trillion Asian opportunity for digital supply chain enabled SMEs
  • How to lead, grow and communicate with a cross-cultural, multi-time zoned team in Asia
  • How empathy and stories are critical to engaging legacy supply chain buyers
  • The importance of (a) affordablity (b) accessibility and (c) agility in choosing digital supply chain and warehousing solutions for SMEs
  • There are 14.2 million SMEs in Asia, more than 80 percent don’t utilize digital supply chain tools

Published Videos

🎧 Bernard Hor Podcast Episodes

Bernard Hor: SME Digitization, Selling Before Building & Holiday Serendipity

An avid triathlete, Bernard is the co-founder of Hatio Group – a technology business based in South Korea specialising in digital warehousing & network distribution. Since 2012, Hatio has a proven track record of envisioning and delivering major transformational change, cost reduction and operational improvement programs in a KRX top 5 blue chip organization.

🎧 Podcast: BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines & Malaysia Startups (Published 2022-05-01)
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Digitizing Supply Chains with Bernard Hor

Bernard Hor is an entrepreneur, storyteller, strategist, triathlete, and co-founder of Hatio Group, a digital supply chain platform servicing Asian SMEs. Hatio helps SMEs serve the world’s fastest-growing consumer market – Asia – predicted to reach $30 trillion in value by 2030, with better supply chain and logistics solutions.

🎧 Podcast: Conquer New Markets (Published 2022-04-18)
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WBSP287: Grow Your Business by Learning the Warehouse Process Nuances of the South East Asian Market w/ Bernard Hor

The cultural factors drive how users will perceive an ERP or WMS product as each geography may have different ways of processing transactions. They might also be using terms and keywords that they might not be able to relate with in a system that might be built for completely different geography. But the cultural factors are not only limited to just the terms and keywords.

🎧 Podcast: WBSRocks: Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation (Published 2022-04-04)
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#82: Digital supply chains in South East Asia With Bernard Hor

On this episode Leo interviews Bernard Hor. He is an entrepreneur, a storyteller and a strategist. Co-founder of Hatio Group. As the group CEO, Bernard plays an instrumental role in expanding the Hatio brand across Southeast Asia with a mission to help local SMEs digitise.Β  With an excellent understanding of supply chain best practice, Bernard and his team helped clients make change happen sustainably and have delivered significant operational improvements.

🎧 Podcast: The International Business Podcast (Published 2022-02-06)
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A Supply Chain Platform Built for Asian Manufacturers

One of the great things about technology is that it has leveled the playing field, giving even small businesses access tools that used to be only available to the big players. Despite that fact technology is more accessible than ever before, it seems that many companies – particularly small to medium sized suppliers – are still not taking advantage of it.

🎧 Podcast: A SEAT at THE TABLE: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for a New Era (Published 2022-01-19)
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Current Logistics Trends in SE Asia with Bernard Hor

On this episode of Link Up Leaders, Francois and Lisa are speaking with Bernard Hor to learn more about the current state of the logistics industry in Southeast Asia and how this is impacting eCommerce business owners globally. — πŸ’₯About Our Guest!πŸ’₯ CEO and Co-founder of Hatio Group, Barnard Hor is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, and Strategist.

🎧 Podcast: Link Up Leaders (Published 2022-01-07)
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Digital Supply Chain Solutions in Warehousing and Distribution

In this episode we talk to Bernard Hor, Founder and Group CEO of the Hatio Group, who joins us from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The Hatio Group is a technology business founded in South Korea specialising in digital solutions for warehousing & network distribution management. Since 2012, Hatio has a proven track record of envisioning and delivering major transformational change, cost reduction and operational improvement programs.

🎧 Podcast: Patrick Daly Interlinks Podcast (Published 2022-01-04)
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A conversation with CEO Bernard Hor, The Hatio Group, South East Asia. How Marketplaces are Driving a Different Supply Chain Strategy!

On this show we discuss how supply chain in Asia is a little different than the U.S.. Β  We explore the impact of marketplaces, manufacturers impact on going direct to consumers,Β  Robotics, and the technology needed to digitize your supply chain.Β  There are no other options but to digitize your business if you want to succeed.

🎧 Podcast: Supply Chains…”The Secret Sauce” (Published 2021-12-11)
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Bernard Hor, the Southeast Asian entrepreneur

Bernard Hor’s journey as an entrepreneur started quite early on by hustling where he could in his own surroundings in Malaysia. This mentality lead to starting several businesses first in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and later in South Korea. As the co-founder and group CEO of Hatio Group, a technology business from South Korea specializing in cloud supply chain & network distribution, he decided to bring these advanced software solutions to Southeast Asia to help to transform and improve the local supply chain, logistics, retail and distribution industry.

🎧 Podcast: Choy’s podcast – Life and business in Asia (Published 2021-12-06)
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Streamlined Supply Chain

With the rise of e-commerce and digitalisation, it’s more important than ever for SMEs to streamline their logistics and supply chain processes. Group CEO & co-founder of digital supply chain platform Hatio Group, Bernard Hor, discusses the company’s move from Korea to Malaysia, his passion for supporting Asian SMEs, and the trials and tribulations of the logistics sector. Image Credit: Travel mania | Shutterstock

🎧 Podcast: BFM :: Open For Business (Published 2021-11-03)
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Bernard Hor: Supply Chain Transparency in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We talk with Bernard Hor, Digital supply chain pioneer, Southeast Asian Entrepreneur, Storyteller and CEO of Hatio. Hatio Group – a digital warehousing platform built in Seoul, Korea and operating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Β  Bernard’s goal is to empower Asia’s SMEs to serve the region’s burgeoning middle class with better supply chain solutions and no fear of digital transformation.

🎧 Podcast: SUPPLY unCHAINED (Published 2021-10-25)
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Digitising South East Asian Supply Chains – A Chat With Hatio Co-Founder Bernard Hor

I’m acutely aware that I’ve not had many guests on this podcast from South East Asia, so whenΒ  Bernard Hor from Hatio reached out to talk about supply chain in that region, I jumped at the chance of having him on. Hatio are a company providing digitisation and digitalisation services to SME’s in South East Asia so we had a cool conversation about supply chain challenges, solutions, and digital transformations in that region.

🎧 Podcast: The Digital Supply Chain podcast (Published 2021-09-20)
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EP 208: Hatio

In this episode host Kevin Lawton is joined by Bernard Hor of Hatio Group. They discuss how Hatio is bringing WMS to Southeast Asia and how the Southeast Asian logistics market is developing. Support the show (

🎧 Podcast: The New Warehouse Podcast (Published 2021-09-01)
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XL9: BERNARD HOR – Digital Warehousing and The Logistics Challenges in Supplying Southeast Asia’s 600 million consumers

With 600 million people and over 30,000 islands, the region of Southeast Asia presents both vast opportunities and challenges. How does a Durian fruit farmer in Thailand ship orders to buyers in Jakarta Indonesia? Regional logistics are evolving fast to cope with managing the supply side infrastructure challenges and growing middle class consumer expectations about delivery times.

🎧 Podcast: XL Podcast by Graham Brown (Published 2021-07-23)
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