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The No BS Performance Coach

C-Suite Performance Coach with 20 years experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer.Passionate storyteller who believes in the power of narrative to influence and educate in business, personal life and even court rooms.Member of Forbes Council and Author of “WorkQuake”, a playbook for leaders who want to navigate the future of work beyond traditional command and control models to more inclusive, engaging environments.

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, The Great Resignation, Company Culture, Future Of Work

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Key Talking Points

  • Why do Leaders fail spectacularly when problems are hiding in plain sight?
  • How can Leaders identify blind spots that can lead to patterns of disengagement and self destruction?
  • How teams become dysfunctional and why leadership communication needs a reboot
  • How leaders can unlock the the power of using stories to create change, engage and lead teams
  • Why in the post-Pandemic era of uncertainty, we need our leaders to tell better stories to engage teams
  • The mind hacks and tricks employed by trial lawyers to engage and influence juries and audiences
  • How to Avoid Self Destructive Behaviours and Leadership Blind Spots
  • Employee Engagement and “The Great Resignation” in the Post Pandemic World of Remote Work
  • Leadership and Transformational Storytelling in the Workplace

Published Books

  • WorkQuake: Making the Seismic Shift to a Knowledge Economy

Published Videos

🎧 Paul Glover Podcast Episodes

Episode 93 | Why leadership has to be personal to be effective.| With Paul Glover

Our guest Paul Glover, author, and no B.S. Work Development & Resilience Coach has challenging views on the future of management. Paul considers the role of managers to become extinct with the advancement of AI, and he’s pleased about that.   Find out why Paul feels strongly about this, his rationale, and the future he sees for leadership.

🎧 Podcast: Lead To Succeed (Published 2022-05-08)
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eps 33 | Paul Glover, Legacy Coach & Author

We discussed leaders’ blind spots, communication style, and the importance of leadership storytelling with legacy coach and author, Paul Glover. Hear his views on leadership, employee engagement, and why attraction, attention, and appreciation go a long way.

🎧 Podcast: evolve | Leadership Evolution (Published 2022-04-12)
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Building Team Engagement that Makes Employees Feel Connected and Valued

There’s a lot of focus these days on the number of people who are quitting their jobs.    Many companies feel that they don’t need to worry about those people that are still working for them? However, not everyone has the option of leaving their jobs, but that doesn’t mean that they are happy, enthusiastic or engaged in their work.

🎧 Podcast: A SEAT at THE TABLE: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for a New Era (Published 2022-04-07)
🏆 Rank: Top 10 podcast in Entrepreneurship
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Paul Glover – Author, Speaker, Coach

Show Information Host: Jay FranzeCo-Host: Mindy Jo RigelGuest: Paul GloverAired: March 23, 2022 Additional Show Information PaulGloverCoaching.comFranze and Friends FranzeandFriends.comFacebookFacebook GroupInstagramYouTubeJay Franze JayFranze.comMindy Jo Rigel MindyJoRigel.netSupport the show (

🎧 Podcast: Franze and Friends (Published 2022-03-28)
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Recognizing and Overcoming Leadership Blind Spots

In this episode, we talk to Paul Glover to know more about these blind spots that lead to patterns of disengagement and self-destruction and what leaders can do about it. Paul Glover is a C-Suite Performance Coach with 20+ years of experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer. He is a passionate storyteller who believes in the power of narrative to influence and educate in business, personal life, and even courtrooms.

🎧 Podcast: Vantage Influencers Podcast (Published 2022-02-28)
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The Hero’s Journey With Paul Glover

Irrespective of where you are currently in your leadership career, you are on a Hero’s Journey. You will encounter obstacles, you will be invited to enter a new world and refuse the call. You will meet mentors along the way who will help guide you and prepare you for your greatest challenge, and each step is a necessary step in your development.

🎧 Podcast: The Exceptional Sales Leader Podcast (Published 2022-02-23)
🏆 Rank: 🥈 #2 podcast in Management
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An Interview with Paul Glover, Founder, Paul Glover Coaching

In this week’s episode, Tracy and Mike interview (Paul Glover), the “No B.S. Work Development and Resilience Coach”. Show Highlights: Paul introduces himself and his “No BS coaching philosophy” (02:00) Paul describes the “Three Tenants” that he asks each of his clients to adopt: 1) Attraction – AKA Positive Energy, 2) Attention, 3) Appreciation (10:47) Paul talks about the importance of having a “fool” in your life – somebody who has psychological safety to provide real feedback without fear of punishment (22:00) Tracy and Paul discuss the creation of shared goals and clear direction (24:45) Paul shares about the book that he wrote called “WorkQuake” (26:30) Related L

🎧 Podcast: Building Teams with TEAMES & CO (Published 2022-02-14)
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Meet Paul Glover … The NO BS Coach

I love talking with this guy (misguided Chicago Bear Fan). His approach is fresh and much needed. If you are looking for an honest executive coach, I mean a really honest coach, who can take you to the next level you must listen to this episode. Contact Paul: Paul@PaulGloverCoaching.com Website:  www.PaulGloverCoaching.com Blog:

🎧 Podcast: Coaching Conversations (Published 2022-02-10)
🏆 Rank: Top 10 podcast in Management
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The Not-So-Secret-Secrets To Employee Engagement

An ex-Chicago trial lawyer shares their perspectives on the not-so-secret secrets of employee engagement and leadership on the Sticky From The Inside Podcast.   Andy Goram talks to Paul Glover about making the journey from defending clients to engaging employees, creating positive company cultures and coaching leaders to be more effective, and shares a few surprises along the way.

🎧 Podcast: The Sticky From The Inside Podcast (Published 2022-01-20)
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The Importance of Resilience in the Workplace

Welcome to Embers and Wind! Guest Paul Glover states “I’m an acquired taste. Only about 20% of those leaders who come to me through referrals actually become clients. Most of the time my approach, by the way I bill myself as the no BS workplace performance coach because I really believe that it is difficult to change.

🎧 Podcast: How to Elevate Employee Engagement (Published 2021-12-28)
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Employer Branding T.I.P S03Ep.05 | The power of coaching: how business leaders can build stronger teams with Paul Glover, C-suite Performance Coach @paulglovercoaching.com

OverviewWe’re back with Ep.05 of Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast! Tune in to listen to Paul Glover, C-suite performance coach at paulglovercoaching.com, talk about the power of coaching for business leaders. Throughout the podcast, we covered several other interesting topics on purpose and its role in strengthening company culture, the future of work, the importance of truth-telling, and a lot more.

🎧 Podcast: Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast (Published 2021-12-16)
🏆 Rank: 🥈 #2 podcast in Careers
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40. Becoming a Sharper Leader with Paul Glover

On this episode of Unleash the Champ, Kyle chats with Paul Glover, a workplace performance coach, speaker and author with a powerful story filled with many lessons along the way. This episode is filled with gems for any current or aspiring leader building a team around a shared vision.

🎧 Podcast: Unleash The Champ (Published 2021-12-05)
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Performance Improvement, Relationships, and Self-Care, with Paul Glover

Paul Glover is a performance improvement coach based out of Downers Grove, just out of Chicago, Illinois. He started working from home 20 years ago and has found that he can connect and listen well through voice calls with his clients. He focuses on empathetic listening and questions as a way to build relationships and connect with his clients.

🎧 Podcast: Yes, I Work From Home (Published 2021-12-02)
🏆 Rank: Top 10 podcast in Careers
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Not Knowing Your Blind Spots Leads to Self-Sabotage – Paul Glover

Ok team, strap in.  Got a fun one today – our guest today is Paul Glover.   Paul is known as the No-B.S. Work Performance Coach, Paul is the go-to person for individual leaders and leadership groups who want to improve their personal, organizational, and workforce performance.  A fun fact about Paul is that he calls himself a “recovering trial lawyer” after spending 30 years as an attorney — we’ll definitely get more into that in this episode.

🎧 Podcast: Think Business with Tyler (Published 2021-11-08)
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Why most leaders are poor communicators w/ Paul Glover

Jeremy Shere, founder & CEO of Tribal knowledge Podcasting, talks with Paul Glover, the No-B.S. Work Performance Coach and the author of WorkQuake Highlights: Why most leaders lack solid communication and engagement skills and why it mattersHow leaders can learn to become better communicatorsWhat marketers can learn from leadership communication techniquesLearn more about Paul’s No-B.S. Work Performance coaching  Connect with guest on LinkedIn Buy a copy of Paul’s book, WorkQuake

🎧 Podcast: Engage Your Tribe (Published 2021-10-22)
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S24E13 – The Power of Using Stories to Create Change, Engage, and Lead Teams, with Paul Glover

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover ( talks with Paul Glover about the power of using stories to create change, engage and lead teams. See the video here:  Paul Glover ( is a C-Suite Performance Coach with 20+ years experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer.

🎧 Podcast: Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast (Published 2021-09-16)
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Self-Care for Leaders with Paul Glover

Leaders who neglect self-care do so at their peril, says Paul Glover, the No B.S. Workforce Performance Coach. Glover is a “recovering trial lawyer,” an ex-felon, an unabashed Starbucks addict, a Chicago Bears fanatic, the author of WorkQuake™, a speaker on business and leadership topics, and a Member of the Forbes Coaching Council.

🎧 Podcast: PR After Hours (Published 2021-09-14)
🏆 Rank: 🥈 #2 podcast in Business
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Paul Glover – The No B.S Work Performance & Resilience Coach

Paul Glover is the No B.S. Workforce Performance Coach & Trusted Advisor, assisting leaders and organizations achieve their full potential. He is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, a “recovering” federal trial lawyer, an online management/leadership course creator, and the author of WorkQuake™: Making the Seismic Shift to a “Knowledge Economy”.

🎧 Podcast: BRAINZ PODCAST (Published 2021-09-08)
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Work Quake and Developing Leaders with Paul Glover

In this episode, host Randy Goruk has an engaging conversation with the no BS Performance Coach Paul Glover. The two executive coaches talk about developing leaders. They run the table talking about: The importance of 360 – degree feedback surveys. Successes and failures of 360 – degree feedback surveys. Leadership attributes of importance. Leadership blind-spots and how to fix them. Employee engagement and how to achieve it. Coaching executives. Take-aways from Paul’s book ‘Work Quake’. You will want to take notes listening to this conversation.

🎧 Podcast: The Leadership and Learning Podcast (Published 2021-08-30)
🏆 Rank: Top 50 podcast in Management
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Leading in the Post Pandemic World

In this episode, we talk with Paul Glover, the No B. S. Workplace Performance Coach and author of Workquake:  Making the seismic shift to a knowledge economy.     During our discussion we talk about: The Great Resignation and how to combat it.The importance of Emotional Intelligence and how leaders need help identifying their blind spots that can derail their career.The power of storytelling when attempting to make an emotional connection with your audienceImplementing Self-Directed teams to engage your workforce and get more done.

🎧 Podcast: Lubar Executive Education Podcast (Published 2021-08-27)
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The Three A’s of Engagement

Paul Glover Downers Grove, IL CEO, Paul Glover Coaching www.paulglovergoaching.com  

🎧 Podcast: The Team Engagement Podcast (Published 2021-08-09)
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317. Paul Glover – From Trial Lawyer to Ex Felon to Successful Executive Coach

In 1994, Paul was a successful federal court trial attorney.  In 1995, he was a convicted felon, serving 7 years of incarceration in Federal Prison.How Paul and his family managed to overcome the personal and professional setback he inflicted on himself and his family and how he built a successful national coaching practice is Paul’s personal case study about overcoming adversity and setbacks through resilience and grit.

🎧 Podcast: Dr. D’s Social Network (Published 2021-08-01)
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Want to Improve on Your Leadership Qualities? Start With Selfcare

Want to Improve on Your Leadership Qualities? Start With Selfcare with Paul Glover We all know the right words to say, we figured it out, right? You know what the language is, we say authenticity, we say vulnerability, we say transparency. But when it comes time to actually taking those words and turning them into action. We stumble. People don’t want to be seen in a bad light.

🎧 Podcast: The Business of Business Podcast (Published 2021-07-26)
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XL10: PAUL GLOVER – Employee Engagement and The Myth of Radical Transparency

Let’s talk about Employee Engagement and why what companies “say” and what they “do” are often out of sync. 3 Netflix Execs recently took to Slack to air their grievances about the company’s culture and leadership. This was, after all, the same Netflix that advocated “Radical Transparency” in a 127 slide public presentation.

🎧 Podcast: XL Podcast by Graham Brown (Published 2021-07-23)
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Purpose doesn’t come to us, we have to go find it | Paul Glover

About this Episode:Purpose doesn’t come to us, we have to go find it. We must be proactive and be open because we may find it in strange places. As human beings, we’re born not to sit still, but to move. Taking action, moving forward, and having momentum are all important components to living an energized life while in search of our purpose.

🎧 Podcast: The Purpose Tune Podcast (Published 2021-07-01)
🏆 Rank: Top 20 podcast in Entrepreneurship
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